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Shadow on the Wall


Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing, and right-doing, there is a field. 

I will meet you there. 

                     - Rumi

Practice and Philosophy

I believe that every human has infinite worth. I believe we all have core needs of love, belonging, safety, and connection; these needs are necessary to survive and thrive, and they are fundamental to the human experience.


My practice is rooted in attachment science, interpersonal neurobiology, and human development. I utilize humanistic, attachment-based, emotionally-focused, systemic, experiential, and trauma-informed modalities.


In sessions, this often means we will explore emotion and the way it sits in the body, understand patterns in your relationships, and utilize experiential activities that engage the parts of your self/experience that want to be deeply heard. Ultimately, your voice, strengths, and needs will determine the route we take. 

Focus and Role

I currently work with adults and couples experiencing attachment injuries and disconnection.


I view mental health symptoms within the context of prolonged disconnection from the self and others. When prolonged disconnection, suffering, and trauma occur, mental health symptoms like anxiety, depression, and those related to PTSD can arise. Those I work with often experience these symptoms, as well as shame, diminished self-worth, anger, fear, issues within relationships, etc.


It is my belief that change happens in the present, and within the context of a safe, accessible, reliable, and engaged relationship. My role in this experience is as a process consultant, supporting you - the expert of your own life - to find healing and wellness that fits for you. 

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